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It's too quiet.

Whenever it's quiet, something terrible happens. Usually, it involves Jojo.


Everything normal again?

Or as normal as it gets, anyway...At least Joseph finally shut his mouth.

05. [Voice]


Maybe I shouldn't eat the food here. I feel...relaxed. A little lonely, too. That last problem will fix itself, I'm sure.

Is this the doing of the owls, too?


Having 6'5" well-muscled man tackle you to the floor hurts a lot more than you'd expect.

At least things are back to normal now.


Getting dragged along on strange adventures by Joestars seems to be the Zeppeli way of life...I'm just glad that tree wasn't any further or I probably would have beaten Jojo senseless...

There's also a lot of new arrivals here recently. Is this really the work of owls?



I suddenly feel like there's something very wrong.


...Well, this is certainly different. I woke up, less than decent, in this...hideously bright place. Can anyone tell me where I am and what's going on?

Are there any lonely ladies in need of the company of an Italian gentleman?

...And does anyone know a Joseph Joestar?